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A shameful/less record of my media passions and interests.

My work is for the public and my life is for myself

Benedict Cumberbatch - Oz Comic Con (via cumberbitchen)

"… for no one else. That’s it. And I understand that people are interested. And as you know, my problem is that I probably overshare a bit too much. So, the media loves playing with that. The media loves to sort of throw things back at me or say that I said things that weren’t said in anything other than jest, as like a statement of fact. And those are weird things. The lack of control or perception and I can’t be in a room and make a joke like I can with nearly a thousand of you and I will be understood as well as I can by you, as I can by one journalist and one editor who goes ‘ah that’s the quote. put that up. and then we have something we can race him on’.(?) And that’s a bit … that just gets boring. But it’s part of a very privileged existence, so I wear it lightly now. I used to go get very cut up (?) about it but I couldn’t care less anymore. … And the amount of cut-and-paste-jobs that are done. You all know it as well. You can spot it. It is very easy to see if someone’s actually been in a room with me or if someone has just gone ‘ah we use that clipping and that clipping and that quote and and ooh he did that - we’ll use that!’ … and they get paid to do that, which is slightly a gruelling thing. […].”

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I love this shot! We are looking out at Sherlock and John from the interior of the laptop. (Note the reversed text on the screen. This is not a projection.)

This kind of storytelling just makes me really happy!

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221B Con Fandom Stats slides [Google Drive]


The Fandom Stats panel was a huge amount of fun!  Thank you so much to my fellow presenters, penns-woods and strangelock, and to our fabulous audience, who laughed and asked brilliant questions!  

I’m going to be posting the slides in tumblr post format soon (images within the post), but for now, you can view the slide deck and the speaker notes on Google Drive.  And you can find my collection of fandom stats work (by me and other folks) at my fandom stats page.  I also have a stats blog that reblogs just my stats posts.

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